rotary e-club porches international


We were chartered as RC Porches International Algarve-West on June 17, 2010.

In summer 2014 we decided to create the first

english speaking Rotary e-club Portugal.


We are part of Rotary Portugal but our meeting language is English, which makes

us the ideal Rotary Club for expatriates living at the Algarve as well as visiting

Rotarians around the world and Portuguese members who enjoy the international



Our members are between 37 and 73 years and representing the various

nationalities living at the Algarve.


To symbolise this we have incorporated in our club logo Porches traditional pottery 

and, in co-operation with the Maritime Museum in London, an antique compass for 

Portugal's maritime history.



in an e-club requires a basic Internet skills set, including the ability to

navigate websites with ease. Members should also have a working knowledge of the

principles of protecting privacy online, so that no club member compromises

another’s sensitive personal information.


How do I become a member of an existing e-club?

As with all Rotary clubs, membership is by invitation.